Metri-Tech Takes the L.E.A.D. in Providing the Highest Class of Service Available in the Manufacturing Industry

Metri-Tech’s mission is to care for our customers’ needs as if they were our own. That is why we have implemented an internal customer care program called L.E.A.D. Learn how our L.E.A.D program will work for you.

Investing in the Future by Reinvesting, The Metri-Tech Way!

Investing in new equipment is not just about buying a machine to fill an immediate void, it’s an investment in the future of the company, and its’ employees. Here at Metri-Tech, we believe that reinvestment is the cornerstone of success, and it all starts with purchasing “State-of-the-Art” equipment and an in-depth knowledge of where you are, where the industry is going, and where you want to be.

Acquired AS9100 Certification Before It Was In Vogue

True Quality is doing the right thing when no one is looking or asking for it. Metri-Tech has always held itself in the highest regard of Quality for the benefit of our customers, and we instill this belief into the fabric of our corporate culture.

Metri-Tech is Making Waves in Huntington Beach

Metri-Tech would like to introduce a new addition to our family of “State-of-the-Art” machines – The Matsuura 5 axis LX-160 a 42 pallet, full 5 axis linear motor machining center for high speed, high accuracy, unattended critical machining of precise low mix and high volume aerospace and medical components.

How “DIRTY HANDS” Became the Start of Something Great!

A successful business requires hardwork, integrity, and a consistent desire to always be the best you can be. Metri-Tech was established purely on the principle of treating people fairly, while building an environment of trust, integrity and teamwork among our customers and employees. It all started with “dirty hands”…


Metri-Tech Engineering, Inc. offers a complete array of industry leading general to ultra-precision manufacturing services. See what Metri-Tech can do for you.

Machining Services

Our facility is equipped with a wide range of the latest automated manufacturing equipment and highly-trained, experienced personnel able to handle your most complex manufacturing specifications.

EDM Services

We offer precision wire and sink electrical discharge machining services. Our precision EDM capabilities include 5-axis wire EDM and 4-axis sinker EDM, utilizing a specialized zero recast (white layer) approach.

Precision Inspection Services

Our precision inspection services are driven by our philosophy of integrating state-of-the-art equipment and highly trained, quality-centric personnel, to provide uncompromised quality for our customers.

Precision Deburring & Finishing Services

We provide precision de-burring and finishing services which include 100% microscopic de-burring on all parts processed, and polishing of critical surfaces, without compromise. No matter the requirement, we can deliver.

Assembly & Kitting Services

We offer a wide range of assembly services, from press fitting, bearing installation and lee plugs to threaded inserts,  fittings, rivets, bushings and more. We also provide kitting services, making complex assemblies manageable for our customers.

Customer Stocking Services

We offer a variety of stocking services and actively participate in Kanban replenishment pull systems, Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI), Consignment Programs, and Long Term Agreements (LTAs). Metri-Tech is highly motivated to meet our customer’s ever changing needs.
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With a team of extremely talented engineers and a vast array of knowledge and experience in the manufacturing industry, MTE can provide the service excellence you are looking for.  See a full list of services offered here.


Since 1978, our commitment and pride to our craft has resulted in unyielding, ultra-consistent, reliable results with industry leading performance and growth year after year.


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November 2022 KPI'S

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Metri-Tech would like to thank the following customers for supporting our company over the years, and helping us get to where we are today. We will never forget those who have contributed to our success.

“We almost lost a major customer due to a sourcing error. Metri-Tech delivered what others said was impossible, Thanks again Metri-Tech team. You folks are the lifesavers. I just wanted you to know we really appreciate it.”

“Keep them busy, we cannot afford to lose them.” Statement from the Director of Supply Chain to Senior Buyer

Director of Supply Chain

Medical OEM

“The ability to push thru a ridiculous expedited schedule and deliver on a Sunday was beyond words. It is very nice to have a team that rises to the occasion. Sometimes the words “Thank You” just doesn’t seem to be enough. We don’t want you to feel that we take your exceptional effort for granted. So with this said: Great Job… Thank You!” Plant Manager

Aerospace OEM

“Metri-Tech’s drive, knowledge and approach to manufacturing is impressive, and has delivered the kind of impact we so desperately need.”

“Great job as always, being able to ramp up to support our
inconsistent supply of critical consigned components so
we can meet our revenue goals!”
– Commodity Manager

“Metri-Tech’s service has been excellent. We have pulled in
and pushed out orders and Metri-Tech personnel always
work with us to make it happen.”
– Buyer/Planner

Vice President of Supply Chain

Aerospace OEM


We are always looking for talented, motivated and hard working individuals to join our team.

A career in manufacturing can be very rewarding and fun, you just have to look for the right place and it might just be a click away.  “Click” View Careers for current job openings.

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Metri-Tech is an advanced and progressive manufacturer of precision machined components utilizing state of the art equipment, automated manufacturing and industry leading technology serving the Aerospace, Medical, Commercial and Defense industries.  Every day, Metri-Tech employees demonstrate their passion for innovation and commitment to excellence by going above and beyond for our customers. Nothing gives us more satisfaction than taking on a challenging project with a demanding deadline and making it happen.

We are in the business to serve our customers with the highest level of service in the industry. In order to do this, we live by the principle that we do not conduct our business in order to make money, we make our money to conduct our business and to continue to keep our level of service high and sustainable so our customers can thrive.

The values and beliefs that guide all our corporate decisions challenge us to put the needs of our customers and the people we serve first. In order to meet those needs everything must be dealt with in the highest regards for quality.  We believe that without honesty, integrity, pride and passion for our craft and the industry, true quality cannot be achieved.  We must constantly strive to be the best total cost solution for our customers and a sound, stable environment for our employees.

The Quality Policy of Metri-Tech Engineering, Inc.

Metri-Tech Engineering, Inc. believes that all employees, at every level and throughout every function, must be accountable and take personal ownership of the organization’s pledge to always provide superior quality that exceeds our customer expectations.  Metri-Tech and its employees are committed to the continual improvement of our Quality Management System, strategic objectives and all applicable requirements.

This Quality Policy has been set and is supported by the top management and is communicated and understood within Metri-Tech.

This Quality Policy is consistent with the overall purpose and business policy of Metri-Tech Engineering, Inc.

Metri-Tech Engineering, Inc. requires that all parties associated with the organization, including owners, employees, suppliers, contractors, and customers adhere to a universally accepted standard of ethical behavior, including but not limited to the following:

• Comply with rules, regulations, and laws– We shall respect and obey the laws, rules and regulations that apply to our organization.

• Respect human rights – We shall respect human rights and require all interested parties to do the same.

• Quality-Centric approach – We are committed to producing quality products and providing quality services.

• Fair Trade practices – We gain competitive advantage through superior performance. We do not engage in unethical or illegal trade practices.

• Respect diversity and fair employment practices – We are committed to respecting a culturally diverse workforce through practices that provide equal access and fair treatment to all employees on the basis of merit. We do not tolerate harassment or discrimination in the workplace.

• Avoid conflicts of interest – We avoid relationships and/or conduct that might compromise judgment or create actual or apparent conflict between our personal interests and our loyalty to the organization. We do not use our position with the organization to obtain improper benefits for others or ourselves. We do not engage in activities or enter into relationships that compete with the interests of the organization or its strategic goals.

• Protect assets, sensitive information, and intellectual property – We use assets, data, and information for business purposes and not for unauthorized use. We properly maintain the confidentiality of both customer information and employee data entrusted to us.

• Act with integrity – We do not offer or accept bribes, kickbacks or inappropriate gifts or entertainment. We engage in business practices that are consistent with our collective mores and values.

• Emphasize health and safety – We are committed to safeguarding the health and safety of all interested parties, and protecting the environment.